Types of Classes

Ages 3-6
Our Creative Movement Early Childhood Program (ages 3-6 years) provides a foundation for each student’s future dance training.  The class will consist of exercises and dance routines centered around strengthing a child's sense of balance and coordination. Dancers in Creative Movement will learn about the art of dance and will get to live out their dancing dreams as they learn to twirl and leap like a dancer.

Throughout the class, children explore monthly objectives such as music, movement concepts, and class etiquette.  Additionally, students participate in a creative dance activity at the end of each class.  Young dancers who are exposed to this type of activity are generally more creative in their choreographic efforts in later years and are freer in their movement styles as they develop.

Our early childhood program is a ballet based program and includes all locomotor movements, levels, tempo, energy, shapes, floor patterns and directions.  Also students begin learning a ballet vocabulary. This is a great start for any little dancer that is ready to make his or her dancing dreams come true.








Ages 7-10
Now that a student has found his or her balance and coordination in the Creative Movement class they are now ready for Pre-Ballet. This class will introduce students to dance as an art form. Beginner barre exercises will be introduced as well as center exercises to help increase strength and coordination. Dancers will learn choregraophy set to uplifting music while improving grace and posture.

This is another important style of dance that will lay the foundation for all dancers. Pre-Ballet will also include a variety of Jazz and the fun and interesting technique that comes with it. Children that desire to show their creative side will certainly enjoy Jazz as they learn to do movements like clipturns and the unique Jazz dance positions. 








Ages 11 to adult
A class designed to teach strength, flexibility, endurance and grace through barre exercises and center work.  Also, students will develop a working vocabulary of steps, principles, and a technical foundation. In addition to the technical aspect of Ballet, students will discover for themselves how to worship through their dancing. 

A class designed to increase kinesthetic awareness and increase range of motion through a variety of techniques.  This class will also help prepare students for extra curricular activities such as cheerleading and danceline. Jazz encompasses a multitude of techniques and utilizes a sharper rhythm than Ballet.










Through all the styles of dance that we offer, our overall goal is to create dances that glorify our Creator and ministers to those around us!

**Adult class is offered based on interest from year to year.**